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Perfect for first time jumpers, an introductory tandem skydive is a quick and easy way of experiencing the thrill of freefall without the time and effort required for learning all the theory. It’s also a ridiculous amount of fun.

On a tandem skydive, you are strapped to a Tandem Master with a special harness that’s attached to a state of the art parachute large enough to support both of you. After only 15 minutes of ground briefing you will enjoy a spectacular 20 minute aircraft ride to 9,000ft above ground level, experiencing the finest views of the West Coast, Cape Town, Robben Island and Table Mountain.

Then it’s action time! Out the door for a 120mph/ 200kph freefall for about 30 seconds. Your Tandem Master opens the parachute at about 5000ft, and a peaceful 5 minute parachute ride to the ground follows where you may be able to assist in steering the parachute.

If you’d like to capture this experience, your Tandem Master can film your skydive by means of cameras attached to his wrist.

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  • Tandem SkyDive = R 2 850 per person
  • Tandem SkyDive + HandiCam Video and Photos = R 3 650 per person
  • Tandem SkyDive + Outside Camera Flyer Video and Photos = R 3 990 (subject to availability) per person


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